About us

My name is Luca Lakatos-Wahlpetz, and the name of our kennel “LUZSLAI”
Luca+Bodzais came from my name „Luca” and the word „Vizsla”.

As far as my parents remember, I was obsessed with dogs even in my early childhood. I could nearly say that I learned „to bark” sooner than to talk. My dream came true in the May of 1990, when I got my first dog, a 4-month-old black English Cocker Spaniel named Phaedra. Although that time I preferred breeds in bigger size like - Shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla and Irish-, English Setter -, my mom thought that a spaniel was most suitable breed for my age. While living our “normal” life with Phaedra, through following a hunting training at Göd, passing obedience exam in the Special Dog-school for Spaniels at Hajógyári Sziget, additionally getting the breeding license, being successful in dogshows, we could taste other segments of dog-world too.
In 1993 Pheadra was mated to Lochranza Mark and as a result 5 healthy puppies were born under kennel name of Dreamshadow Moonglow. From the litter I kept the most beautiful female, Jessica, who had some successes in the showring (Puppy Club Winner, and she was placed among the best 4 in the junior class every time). Following that I focused on learning (high school and university), but as a hobby dogs still were important part of my life, so I became a dog-groomer in 1998. Due to the conscientious and affectionate care -according to my veterinaries (Dr. Sándor Wladár and Dr. Sándor Varga) concordant opinion-, both of my spaniels lived a long – nearly 15 years –, happy and healthy life what I am very proud of. So I made a conclusion that only a dog can be man-best-friend who lives HEALTHY AND ACTIVE life (on both physical and psychic fields).

I understood the real meaning of the following phrase by Konrad Lorenz: “You can live your life dogless but it does not worth.” just after both of my spaniels have crossed the rainbow bridge. So, after a couple of months of purposeful seeking with the help of a friend of mine, in the fall of 2008 I finally met Sándor Schipeck, the founder and owner of the Luppa-Vadász Shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla Kennel. I was amazed at the very first moment by the surroundings and the way a real huntsman is living together with his dogs. Visiting his Kennel the adult dogs there gave me an impression of healthy, nice and active gundogs gathering with enthusiastic love around their one and only god, their owner. So I made my decision: I wanted to have my very first Hungarian Vizsla of my life from this Kennel and I have not regretted that decision for even one moment from that time on! Hereby, I would like to thank Schipeck Sándor for my vizsla Luppa-Vadász Tátika (Bodza), because everything started with her. I will always be very grateful him for my dog. Bodza is perfect in every aspect that a kennel founder female dog has to be. She is healthy and made good in the dogshows, at the hunts and the exams either.

During these years I became totally fan of this breed. The kindliness, intelligence, elegance and working capacity of the Shorthaired Hungarian Vizsla astounded me for my entire life. My future aim is to augment the strength of this extraordinary breed by breeding healthy vizslas with good working ability and nice appearance.

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